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Foundation Course

The Foundation course at KPZ is thoughtfully designed to help students crack quality competitive exams. The P/C/M/B lectures and the corresponding assignment sheets are carefully planned to help early generation of interests in these subjects. Thelogic lectures further facilitate in developing the students analytical thinking and problem solving abilities.

About Foundation Advanced

After successful completion of the Foundation Basic Course, Selected students are given admission to the Foundation Advanced Course. Foundation Advanced course is designed to build on the fundamentals develop during the one year Foundation Basic Course. During this Course students are exposed to topics and problems with increased level of difficulty.

About Comprehensive

To succeed in the prominent ENGINEERING/PREMEDICALENTRANCE EXAM, one requires a thorough understanding of subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology, and the abilityto solve unseen and new questions with accuracy and speed.

Keeping this in mind, our course has been designed in such a manner that it will focus on:

* Core concepts and fundamentals.
* Sharpening analytical skills and developing problem solvingabilities.
* Speed building through intensive problem solving sessions and tests.

Thus our course design is such that a sincere students is bound to acquire a grip on exams and cultivate self confidence and develop an easy ‘feel’ of the examination.

This two year course for 10th passed students, of Class Room teaching is truly comprehensive.

Types of Comprehensive courses

For Engineering, we have two types of Comprehensive Courses

Advanced and Mains

1. Advanced
In Comprehensive Advanced course, preparation for JEE Advanced, JEE Mains & Boards will be taken care of. Here, after strengthening of basics, challenging questions through systematically designed sheets will be taken for deeper insights.

2. Mains
In Comprehensive Mains course, preparation for JEE Mains & Boards will be taken care of. Tougher questions shall be avoided here and more emphasis will be given on basics through well designed conceptual questions.


“Practice makes a man perfect” – is a very old saying that is valid in any field of life. This applies to your JEE Main preparation also. The only way you can work your way through to a top rank in the JEE Main or Advanced exam is through a lot of practice.

But, note that practicing blindly won’t cut it.Planned approach is needed . You have to practice those problems which test your concepts in a challenging way. Practicing daily is very important for your entire JEE Preparation. You can use our assignments & DPP to solve unlimited questions of varied difficulty levels and sharpen your skills.

Apart from practicing single questions you should also take full length time-bound part tests to gauge your progress and also work on your speed – like how fast you can solve a problem and how well you can finish your exam in time.

You should also practice our All India Test Series to test yourself in a time bound manner. It will help you find out where you stand in reality – what all topics you are weak in and where you need to work harder